Plissken... an update...

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Plissken... an update...

Post by Immo on Mon May 13, 2013 5:04 am

I found myself in a bit of a sticky posish yesterday.

I had been given a red hot tip from an ex-stude for the 3.50 at Ascot. bounce

Solar Deity. A good ew bet apparently... few people whispering about it... distance winner...

...the guy said the horse 'can do' to make an L story S...

Unfortunately, my Coral account was suspended due to recent inactivity. Sad

(I've been havin a lot of that kinda trouble recently Sad Sad Laughing )

Undaunted, I managed to contact El Plisskenente and availed myself of his online facilities.

Stuck a tenner ew on it... tuned in to C4 and watched, horrified... as it was mentioned once in dispatches and failed to place. Mad Evil or Very Mad

Sadly dear reader.... Sad

I discovered today that Plisskers was intrigued enough to place a wager of his own on the three-legged-glue-machine... and was consequently compelled to try and recoup his loss on '4-goals or more' in todays Man U game. pale

My stock is not high at Plissken Towers. Neutral

Better price than ye'd get on Sevco shares tho... Smile

Never had so desperate a group of human beings banded together... ABNORMALS ANONYMOUS!!

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