Crownliquor- A Personal Plea

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Crownliquor- A Personal Plea

Post by pepe on Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:41 am

Please come back. We all miss you Funky Chicken

Anyway enough of the arselicking bulshit. I can't upload any pictures wibble which is really annoying.

The fact is that Supermo aka Spermie aka Spermo has accused me of being a tractor touching fuckwit. Which I find hurtful (where's the upset emoticons No )

The fact is (another fact Very Happy ) I have a picture of a tractor complete with a picture of a large breasted woman (fully clothed but showing massive amounts of cleavage and with a huge grin on her face) that I'd like to show to the tractor lovers on this forum who might want to convert to the East Anglian side on the proviso that all the supporters down here are like her.

So come back Crownie and show me where I'm going wrong Taxi

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